A year has past

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Rubbing my eyes down I got up sore,
Hoping to find some familiar faces
That they once bore.
I looked around and around,
But all I could hear were sounds
Of people I don’t know about.
Who are they, what are they?
Questions running in my mind circling around.
Then it struck me like a lightning bolt,
It jolted me down.
And I tried to hold on to the nearby pole .
Omg! A year has passed,
While I laid there all wasted and scarred.
All the people around me have passed
Right by me,
But neither could we each other see.
I have been asleep all this time,
Meanwhile everyone has gone all far and wide.
None remembered me while I was gone,
Even by those who once promised
to Be there for me forever on.

A year has passed and everything has changed,
But I’m still standing here with my hands raised
Hoping for miracle that it’s just a dream,
Not As it seem.
I’m still the same person I was a year back,
With a little more hair which are not anymore so black.
I still wear the same clothes and the same shoes,
And yes I still don’t boose.
With the same silent face I am standing here,
Something many people once just couldn’t bear.
With the same heart and thoughts in my mind I bore,
Are just the things I can never let go.
Everything looks so new to me now,
That I am still wondering, just “how? “.
now I don’t know what to do next,
So I’m just gonna let fate decide the rest.
I have nothing to say for the people who left me alone,
But I want to thank those who stood by me
after everything was gone.

All I can do now is
walk along the path thy so dwell,
And keep hoping everything turns out perfectly well.