Hyundai Veloster 2015

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Hyundai has launched this car in the US market for quiet sometime now and the car seems to gaining attention. The Hyundai Veloster a hatchback sports car has definitely caught my attention.

Veloster 2015 3 Door



This is a 3(2+1 concept) door vehicle, thus still making it a sports coupe. On the rear side you’ll get to see dual exhaust centered to the bottom with chrome finish, giving the veloster a more sportier look. 18 inch alloy wheels just uplifts the overall design of this car. You have a masculine front look coupled with DRL’s making it stand out with a bold look.

Rooftop is equipped with a sunroof to light up and breeze in the cabin, with majority of the make up done on the front grill, headlamps and rear end every year, the car is gradually turning likable from all angles. Initially the orthographic view is what was a let down, you wouldn’t love this car at that particular angle, but every year they uplifting it and as mentioned earlier making it more likable every year.



7 inch LCD Touchscreen equipped with 450 Watts of Audio System available to rock your world. This definitely comes with an 8 inch sub woofer and 8 speakers. A lot of geeky button attached on to the steering wheel making it easier to access your player or smartphone. A camera too has been mounted on the rear which pops it up on the 7 inch display making it easier than turning your head 170 degrees. Sporty Bucket type seats with leather finish giving it a complete sporty feel to the new Hyundai Veloster.

Veloster 2015 interiors


A six speed transmission with an option of paddle shifters for the Dual Clutch system. 4 Cylinder 1.6 liter engines in all models but the option of turbo charging it on the new Veloster Turbo R Version boosting it to 201 bhp compared to the 138 bhp of the standard model.


Traction Control System, Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Brake Assist are just a few to name out of a whole lot of safety features and systems incorporated into the Hyundai Veloster. 6 Air Bags have also been provided to ensure utmost safety. Hyundai started winning awards for it’s safety features right from the Hyundai i10, and has yet been maintaining that reputation giving it a slight edge over the others.


  • Wheel Base                         –  104 inches
  • Length x Width x Height –  166 x 70.5 x 55 inches
  • Boot Space                          –  15 Cubic Feet
  • Engine Type                       –  Inline 4 Cylinder (Turbo optional)
  • Displacement                     –  1.6 liters
  • Horsepower                        –  138 bhp @ 6300 rpm     (Standard Engine)
  •                                               –   201 bhp @ 6000 rpm     (Turbo Charged Engine)
  • Valve Train                         – 16 valve DOHC with D-CVVT


In the end, it all comes down to which vehicle provides high tech features at lower prices. Leg room too is an important criteria for those inching towards 6 feet. Hyundai Veloster seems so outperform it’s competition when it comes to high tech features as well as leg room. It leaves behind the Honda CR-Z as well as the SCION tC.

Veloster Matte Grey

With a price tag of $18,000 for the base model(Veloster ReFlex) moving up to $22,600 for the top end(Veloster Turbo), this upcoming car seems to be a perfect blend of Style and Performance. Hope this vehicle will soon hit the Indian markets.


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