Concept car may be finally into production, the Jaguar CX75

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Will the Jaguar CX75 Come into production ??

– Shaneel Karia

The supercar, Jaguar CX75 was modelled back in 2011, but due to financial conditions Jaguar was unable to bring this sports car into production. Jaguar under the reign of Tata has been able to fulfill it’s dream, their 75th anniversary concept car, and bring it into real time production. According to the projected layout, Jaguar will make only 250 of these at the moment.

By Jaguar



  • 4 cylinders 1.6 liter engine twin charged engine with 2 194 bhp motors
  • 0 to 100 kmph 3.0 seconds
  • Top Speed 320 kmph
  • Kerb Weight 1700kgs
  • 850 bhp at 10,000 rpm
  • 7 speed gearbox



The engine can run at the usual 3,500 rpm but as soon as it reaches the 6,000 mark you would definitely want to push it further, adrenaline rush generated pushes you to test the limits of this vehicle. It has an incredibly small engine, 1.6 liters one, compared to the other sports cars, but still delivers great performance thanks to the 2 motors which deliver additional 195 bhp each.



This master piece was born due to efforts of two companies, Jaguar and Williams F1. Their collaboration has led to the creation of this economical supercar, which has a look similar to an jet, designed with aerodynamic ergonomics. To maximize performance and extract most out of the engine as well as the motors, F1 technology has been incorporated into the CX 75.



This vehicle has an economy of 90g per Kg which is as good as an Toyota Prius. In the electric mode alone this vehicle can do about 55kms in a full charge, which is mind boggling considering that this is a hybrid super sports car.

jag cx75



This is a reply to Ferrari’s LaFerrari, McLaren’s P1 and Porsche’s 918 Spyder. So far the 918 Spyder seems to be the only competition to this beast, these are the only two that are hybrid one’s out of the four. Even though it is a bit expensive than the Porsche 918 Spyder, this hybrid car may have a price tag of 1 to 1.3 million dollars, which is pretty expensive.


Shaneel Karia

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