Jaguar F-Type Coupe

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The Jaguar F Type Coupe worth the buy ??

– Shaneel Karia

This is one of the fastest cars on road ever made by Jaguar. May it be commercial vehicles or even personal automobile, right from making the cheapest vehicles right to the most expensive one’s Tata has made sure that it satisfies all it’s customers needs. This time around Jaguar is out with the sporty coupe, the Jaguar F Type Coupe.

By Jaguar

This luxury sports cars is available with a convertible roof top option also. There are 3 models for both the coupe as well as convertible.

The basic features include

  • Rear wheel drive, with 2 passengers.
  • Front mounted engine.
  • 8 speed manual transmission

F-type coupe and F-type convertible has

  • 3.0 liter supercharged V6 engine delivering 340 hp.
  • 0 to 100kmph – 5.1 seconds
  • Top Speed – 257.6 kmph.
  • Average mileage of  8.13 kmpl.

F-type S and F-type S convertible

  • 3.0 liter supercharged V6 engine delivering 380 hp
  • 0 to 100kmph – 4.8 seconds
  • Top Speed – 273.6 kmph
  • Average mileage of 7.81 kmpl

F type V8 S convertible and F type coupe R

  • 5.0 liter supercharged V8 engine delivering 495 hp for the S convertible and 550 hp for coupe R.
  • 0 to 100kmph 4.2 seconds /4.0 seconds
  • Top Speed – 297.6 kmph.
  • Average mileage of 6.36 kmpl

Jaguar F type coupe



Aerodynamically the vehicle has been perfected to thrill, with deployable rear spoiler at speeds above 100kmph for the convertible and 112kmph for the coupe, providing an additional downforce. 12 seconds is all it takes to bring down the roof top at speeds upto 48.kmph



Sharp braking power with disc brakes (colored red), but the top versions are equipped with ceramic brakes (colored yellow), improving the stopping power and handling.


Head Lights and Tail Lamps

The Headlights are directed to forming an J shape and are dual toned with adaptive lighting sensors, which means according to the speed, the head lamps swivel 14 degrees outwards and 7 degrees inwards. The tail lamp is what catches the eye, perfectly designed LED brake lights amplify the visual appearance giving it an extra edge towards a sporty look.



With a price tag of $65,000 for the base model, the Jaguar coupe has been gaining fame, and most of the Porsche 911 Carrera S lovers admire the shear drive quality of the Jaguar F-Type. This sports car is definitely a head turner, plus the sweet sporty sound of the engine, gives you an adrenalin rush to push it more harder.

Shaneel Karia

Shaneel Karia

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