Lenovo Y520 – Every Gamer’s dream

Amogh Gupta

Amogh Gupta

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Amogh Gupta

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Our Rating: Lenovo Legion Y520 is one of the best laptops I have used my self for gaming, as have seen many but Legion Y520 is some different from its kind. We have entitled the caption as “Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop” because it stands on its point. In this Post, we are reviewing Legion Y520 with i7-7700HQ with 8GB RAM…

The DIY VR, Google Cardboard

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What is VR? VR or Virtual reality is the technology which creates stimulated environment. Unlike traditional interface like using keyboard or mouse, VR places the user inside the adaptive environment. Which means, they will be able to interact with object in the virtual environment. In Virtual reality, the computer uses the sensors & cameras and calculates things accordingly. The VR…