Have you flipped your ear drums ?? JBL Flip 3

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The latest device that has been added to our arsenal is the JBL flip 3. I was planning to showcase this with a video review but the microphone of my camera wouldn’t do justice to the clarity of this device, so I have added a video showcased by clavinetjunkie to further help our readers. Is this, one of the best portable speaker 2015 ?? Here we are with the writen jbl flip 3 review. First things first, let’s follow our tradition with the key points.


What’s Maniac ??

  • Attractive lot of colors available
  • 2 Channel speakers
  • Water Resistant
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • Build Quality
  • Built in Microphone

What’s Not ??


  • Occasional stutter skipping first few seconds of your fav songs
  • Buttons don’t always work
  • No charger provided

In Box contents


  • JBL Flip 3
  • Documentation
  • Micro USB to USB cable for charging

Build Quality


The flip 3 is a well built sturdy portable speaker, it has a nice criss cross threaded structure helping you to grip it with ease. On either side you have the speaker outlet and moving to the center you have the Logo which has a bright orange background. As you roll this device towards yourself you will notice 4 well disguised buttons which include the volume rockers, phone option and the bluetooth keys.

A lil bit further you have 2 additional keys, one is to power on this dynamite and the other to connect 3 more jbl flips together simultaneously so that you have a boom. Beside that you have 5 LEDs which indicate the juice level and a bit further you have the micro USB slot and an AUX plug enclosed under an water tight hard casing.



The flip3 has been enhanced a step further than it’s predecessor, the flip 2. The bass levels and the depth of clarity is far far better. It has been blended in with a perfect mix of all factors. Even when you compare the flip 3 vs charge 2 at higher¬† volumes you will notice that the portable speaker by jbl has a decent blend.

Well many users will be cursing the flip3 for it indecent clarity not realizing that they may downloaded low quality songs(128Kbps) from the internet, so if you really want to make the most out of your portable bluetooth speaker, we would suggest you to get hold of 320 Kbps songs.

The Juice Factor


The JBL flip 3 houses a 3,000mAh battery which lasts for almost 10+ hrs if you use it at half the volume. If you use it at full volume, you could expect 4.5 to 5 hrs.




There are a few more points like the occasional slight stutter before songs, which skips a first few seconds of your favorite tunes, but yes these are occasional. If you facing this frequently try changing your music player.Another let down is the physical keys provided, you have to force yourself a bit to hard to press the power button to power on this device.

To sum up the jbl flip 3 review with the good and the bad the flip3 seems to be definitely over priced at 8,999 INR. But if you comparing it with the Bose speaker sets, it’s far more superior to them. JBL may have overtaken Bose when it comes to delivering quality products within tight budgets. With teens being their target audience they have launched this device in a variety of colors (Black, Blue, Teal, Red, Orange, Yellow, Grey and Pink). So to conclude that whether the flip 3 is one of the best budget portable speaker for 2015 would be a tight call.

You could pick up the red one from here

Or the black one from here


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