Issue with Spam, here is a quick guide on how to reduce them in cPanel

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How to block spam email addresses in cPanel?

As soon as one starts with their own website or even an email iD from reputed mail providers, spammers use all possible ways to get access to one’s email iD, and force owners to at least have a look at their mail once which may prove to be fatal. So how does one protect their email address?

  • Spam Assassin is one of the many features provided, which when enabled reduces the number of spam mails by accurately identifying them. To enable this feature you can simply go the “mail section” of the cPanel –> click on the “enable” option, you can also configure it’s settings manually.
  • One also has the option of blocking mails from a particular IP address, this basically stops all mails which recurrently come from a particular source or spammer. But please do not block all IP addresses, this will only turn to bite you back, as you will block all the genuine mails also.
  • Account level filtering is a method which allows cPanel to automatically direct the spam in to a pre-defined folder, may it be in through your email or through your Domain. User level filtering is to manually perform the above procedure.

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