It’s Her

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its her

I was discussing a flaw in our design with my team.
As it was the small break we were gathered around at the
Entrance of the college. I was explaining the design to them.
The helmet in my hand slipped. It rolled over to the end of
The stairs. I turned and bent over to pick it up.
Then i looked up.
And suddenly everything goes silent, numb.
The sound of the chatter, the design, flaws everything
Fades away. I have my eye for the only person coming
Towards me.

I see her walking down those steps carefully. One hand
On the shoulder gripping the strap of the bag dangling
Beside her. With the other hand she is trying to put the
stray strands of hair over her ear. The wind isn’t helping much.
Her eyebrows are a little crooked up. She is tensed, I realized.
Her brown eyes giving it away. She is biting her lips, again, I noticed.
She is wearing a pink
Top perfectly fitting her slim body. Her pale white skin shown through
The sleeves. She is wearing a black skin tight
jeans, completely hugging her from her waist to her ankle.
She just looks stunning. A nice familiar chill went through me.
Now I’m looking directly at her. And suddenly our eyes met.
Everything inside me started churning, shattering and building at the
same time. She stumbles for a moment on the stairs.
She kept walking down the stairs not taking her eyes of me.
Her eyes not giving anything away, but I know better.
She brushed passed by me, leaving me puzzled.
She kept walking away from me.
And I was lost in my own thoughts.

I felt a nudge on my back. My friend is asking me which type of
Break plate to use! I smile at him.
In the back of my mind I’m thinking..
It’s been a whole year since we broke up, how can she still have
That effect on me?. How can I still have feelings for her?
How can someone have so much control over me?..!!