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Lenovo Legion Y520 is one of the best laptops I have used my self for gaming, as have seen many but Legion Y520 is some different from its kind.
We have entitled the caption as “Best Lenovo Gaming Laptop” because it stands on its point.
In this Post, we are reviewing Legion Y520 with i7-7700HQ with 8GB RAM and 4GB NVIDIA GTX Geforce1050TI version.

Before we begin let’s see the Full Specifications of the Lenovo Legion Y520:
PROCESSOR 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Processor
GRAPHIC CARD Nvidia® Geforce® GTX 1050 (4GB GDDR5)
PORTS AND SLOTS Connectors: 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0 ,Type-C (USB 3.0)
4 in 1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC), HDMI
WLAN: WiFI 2X2 AC + BT 4.1
Audio: 2 * 2.0W Harman + Dolby Audio

Build on Y520:
The build on this Lenovo laptop is a great with a premium feel to use:
Gaming Experience: Gaming experience on the Lenovo Legion Y520 was great as it turns to be awesome at some points where I could get 60fps like on Battlefield 1 or on Payback it handles so nicely on Medium graphics. And of the Highest resolution as well I was able to get 30-40fps, with no excessive heating and noise throttling.Intel i7-7th Gen. processor gives a great run to the games and also 8GB RAM DDR4 running on 64-bit with 4GB Geforce 1050Ti which is enough to play and do Hard Loading work on this crazy thing.



Audio Output on Legion:
Harman is one of the leading producers in the Audio output providers who handle company like JBL, so it’s obvious about the Sound output of the Legion Y520. Positioning also matters that is why on Y520 you get main Speakers at the Sides of the Screen which somehow lacks Bass output as there is no Subwoofer like Dell.
But overall they are loud and are good for gaming or watching movie or for Video editing.

Storage Space with Y520:

You get 128GB SSD with 1TB Hard Drive space with Windows 10 which is more than sufficient for a regular or gaming purposes.

The Display of Lenovo Legion:

The display on this laptop is quite good as you get an IPS Panel is utmost looks like Anti-Glare and the hinges of the screen are well-built as it does not bend or shake easily.
Also, it is not so shaky as per the use in the mean time as I have seen on the laptops in this price bracket.

4K looks awesome on the Display and gaming or editing on this one feels great, now I will not say it is the best in the Display category but still works well. You can adjust the brightness from the keyboard and from the sides as well the Viewing Angles are also good enough.

Cooling Fans on Legion Y520:

For a proper cooling of the laptop, Lenovo has provided cooling wents with a yellow color share, copper grilling, and good spacing between to pass the air thoroughly. The wents are positioned at the bottom of the Screen at the bottom just above the battery, and for more cooling, the Cooling pads are given and some more grilling at the sides of the laptop. WHich means that Legion will be a Legend at cooling purposes.

Also, Lenovo has provided a pre-installed software for controlling and collecting information about the Y520 called “Lenovo Nerve Sense” through which you can see the details of the Legion Y520 and can also Turn Off/On the Extreme cooling fan, Mistake Input, Sound Enhancement, etc.
So it a great option through which you can make it cooler and delighted.

Keyboard with Backlight on Y520:

The Keyboard on this laptop is nice and can say the best part of a gaming laptop in this range with good key traveling space with Backlighting of Red color. And all the way inside the top you get Red accents all over the body including trackpad, which is a nice one but can be improved a bit more.
The only thing which I think on the keyboard is the positioning of the arrow keys which is just setup under the Numberpad which makes it to a practice to use in in a proper way.

And the Trackpad has some kind of depth in the body as with black red border. With gesture control and an average performance. If you want a good experience then you can connect an external mouse. One thing which I have to forget to mention above is that on Keyboard you get a Record Button for the Onscreen recording (don’t know why?) but you get it.
Overall experience with the Typing and Gaming with the Y520 keypad was nice, although with very few complaints.

Ports Selection on Y520:

Excluding a Thunderbolt 3 Port from the Y520 which is not an issue as it is tough to find the port at this price. But Y520 comes with 2×3.0USB, 1×2.0USB Ports, and 1xType C port.

Easy Accessibility:

On the Y520 it is easy to access the parts of the Laptop as you can remove the Back Panel to access to the RAM and Strorage Drive to upgrade it. You can Upgrade RAM upto 16GB with 2 Slots and can Upgrade Hard Drive as well by screwing up the Bolts


Apart from any other Gaming laptop, the Y520 is just so light and not so heavy. As it is lightweight and well build. You will not feel heaviness hence you are using it on your laps. So this is also a considerable thing on this one.
Webcam on Legion Y520: The Webcam can record 720p in Full HD which is just above average, not so powerful but overall a responsive and a good one.

Webcam on Legion Y520: The Webcam can record 720p in Full HD which is just above average, not so powerful but overall a responsive and a good one.
The mic on the Laptop works nicely with good sound records as it tried to Cancel the Surround Sound and you get good Audio output with the Mic. It is nice for Gaming Laptop to have this kind of Mic. Personally, I liked it much.

Price of Lenovo Legion:

There are 3 different variants of the Lenovo Legion Y520 which all comes under the price hood of $900 or in Indian standards Rs.1.5lakh.
All of them can be purchased from Retail outlets or from Official Lenovo sites or from Amazon as well.
Three different variants mean 1st. comes with i5-7th gen/16GB RAM DDR4, 4GB Nvidia Geforce Ti, 2nd. with i7-7th Gen with 8GB RAM and 3rd. with i7-7gen with 16GB RAM with the same Graphics like the 1st one.
Where you can check- To take a physical look at the laptop, you can check it on any Retail outlet like Croma, Walmart, or any other Super Electronic market where it is in Display or even at Lenovo Showrooms.

We are quite impressed with its working and overall performance. It is suitable for all the gamers and especially for all those as well who do Video editing or hard programming and rough and hard stuff on their Laptops.
We love Lenovo not because they pay us to give their review but we want that you get that best and right now it’s running at the top with nice pricing and build.
For more here is the Best Video on YouTube for the Review:-

We would also be happy to know your view about the Lenovo Legion Y520, tell us about your thoughts and be with us by subscribing our newsletter and “Consumer is the King” as we know. So you people can make a better decision yourself.
Thanks for Reading.


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