Lenovo Z50-70 (59429607)

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Day before yesterday i purchased the Lenovo z50 laptop. First impressions, it seems pretty sturdy and well built. There are a few ups and downs which i will reveal to you as we move in further into this review.


Tech Specs

  • 1.7 GHz up to 2.3Ghz Turbo Boost i5 Processor(4th GEN)
  • 8GB DDR3 RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce 840M (4GB) Graphic Card
  • 2800 mAh Battery
  • Full HD Display
  • 1TB Storage
  • Windows 8.1



  • Build Quality
  • Full HD screen
  • Very Silent


  • Battery back up is a lil poor.
  • The keyboard is ok-ok, seems delicate.


The laptop overall has been designed with elegance, the laptop skin provided feels a lil plastic but when you move around on the keyboard borders you’ll find  metallic finish which may be an alloy of aluminum. This has been done to help reduce the overall weight which means compared to other devices (generally around 2.7Kgs) this one weighs 2.4kgs.

The track pad is not right at the center, it has an offset towards the left, but it has been made to blend in very nicely.  On the top left you have a round power button. The dolby woofer has been blend in along with the hinge, hence a slight bulge.

Lenovo Z50 Right Side

The keyboards seem to be quiet delicate but its not that bad either. It has a numeric keyboard on the right hand side blended in, but you might hit the right arrow button instead of the zero occasionally. On the function keys few shortcuts have been provided where you can scroll with the current running apps, Turn off the back lit display, adjust brightness and volume, switch on to flight mode etc.



This model features a full HD display which is pretty bright. The drawback to this screen is at certain viewing angles the color do tend to saturate. But on the plus point the hinge designed is extremely sturdy and there is no play while rotating it.



1.7Ghz i5 Processor( 4210U ),8 gig of DDR3  RAM and 4 gigs of Nvidia GeForce 840M Graphic Card. 1 TB of internal Storage seems to be more than enough out of which only 889GB is available to the user. This device has 1 HDMI Port, Two USB 2.0 ports and a single USB 3.0 port which is further a minor drawback. On the right you have the DVD drive along with the Memory Card Reader.

The charging port is of a different shape(rectangular). The plus point to this Z series laptop is that the battery is removable compared to it’s previous series which was found as a drawback by many. This may seem to be Overall this Laptop seems to be a dream Gaming Laptop at it’s price. And Lenovo has done a splendid job by delivering such a high quality product at such an incredible price.

Lenovo Z50


The Z5-70 series of Lenovo Laptops has just been launched . With technology upgrading every second it may be difficult for one to pick a laptop cause either one or the other required tech specs tend to be left behind, but this device is decent enough. The cooling vents on the left side and is extremely silent and no vibration is felt whatsoever.

For the battery, on a full charge and along with an 1 TB internally powered hard disk connected playing video at 10 % brightness, this battery pack lasted for around 2 hrs, which is decent. Gaming, 45 mins of F1 2014, will drain your juice completely under high graphic config. Surfing and browsing, you get up to 4 hours from the battery.  Overall decent performance from the 2,800 mAh battery pack.

Available at 54,990 Indian Rupees this device is a deal breaker. I am pretty sure you will not regret purchasing one of these. Just a heads up, I had bought the Lenovo y510p previously from online store, and I ended up without warranty, luckily I got a full refund for the product, so do avoid purchasing them online.

Shaneel Karia

Founder at 3Deometry Innovations a 3D Printer Manufacturing firm. Loves Biking, collecting coins. A lil bit into sports and a Force India supporter in Formula One. Loves sharing uninfluenced reviews on products.

Donald Tyranne
Donald Tyranne

This is a good review... I found your website good for reviews. I hate cnet! So I like this! Thanks! 


I just bought this laptop. It has NVIDIA GFORCE 840m but when I checked it on DIRECX Diagnostic tools it showed only 2gb graphic memory. So is my laptop faulty? Please I need your advice.

reviewsmaniac moderator



    The model we have discussed in this review is the 59-429607 in the z50 series. The one you have purchased may be of a different model in z50 series. Please have a look at the box and verify whether it is of the same model. There are different models available with 2GB Graphics Card, specifically 59428434, 59429611, 59429623 and 59436412. You can have a look at your model no on the sticker on the side of the box.