5 Mind Boggling Features of the Honor 6

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Huawei is gradually etching it’s way up in the smartphone arena. After the release of it’s honor series it has been gaining all the attention, competing with the big players like Xiaomi, Micromax, One Plus, etc. In their bold but yet tactical move by starting with budget smartphones and then gradually moving up to the high end market, their strategy seems to have paid off.

Now coming to the Honor 6, the device has been in the market for over 10 months now but yet there seems to be no competitor to dethrone the smartphone.

Honor 6 Smartphone

Huawei Honor 6

What’s Maniac ??


Reason No. 1

The EMUI 3.0 User Interface is just mind blowing. You’ll fall in love with it in a matter of seconds of using it. This point would have been in the “What’s Not maniac’s” column but just recently launched an OTA update.


Reason No. 2

Perfect set of hardware blended in to suit to it’s software therefore out performing several top end devices as well. 3GB of RAM, 16GB of Internal Storage and 1.7GHz Octa Core Kirin 920 Processor. With these high end specs it’s doubtful whether this huawei smartphone will lag.


Reason No. 3

Visibility under sunlight is great. My previous device was the Samsung Galaxy S2 (Yes that’s right I had been using that old soul for over 3 years) which featured a Super AMOLED display seems to be a goner compared to the Honor 6. The display features an in cell JDI IPS Display which is a full HD one and has an whopping pixel density of 441 ppi.


Reason No. 4

Another cool feature is the Infrared Booster which convert’s this device into an universal remote controller. It’s so much fun irritating your sibling or family with such an useful spec. It has an in built software which has several pre-set programmed controllers. If you don’t find your brand of TV,AC or Set Top Box (STB) no worries you can save the frequency of the Infrared and save it for future use.


Reason No. 5

Another feature which just make you grab on to one of these is it’s 3,000 mAh battery. Under moderate usage this device lasts for over a day, but under heavy usage you may be able to extract 8 hours of usage, by heavy gaming I mean playing HD games like Real Racing 3.


What’s Not Maniac ??


Reason No. 1

It started off with the 3G version and now in India is out with the H60-L04 version which is a 4G version. But the current supported 4G spectrum band supported by airtel and aircel is TDD-40, while this device only supports frequency only up to TDD-38. Hopefully as more network providers enter the 4G arena will broaden it’s frequencies opting for lower frequencies, indirectly making it usable on this device.


Reason No. 2

Camera seems to be a bit of a let down, under broad sunlight the images are clear and crisp, but as you tend to zoom in, you will find the images start to pixelate. Under low lighting conditions it’s a major let down, the dual LED flash light provided seems to be of minimal use.



Though the Huawei Smartphone has minor drawback’s the device seems to be definitely worth it. With an reduced MRP from 18,999 to 16,999 this device seems to do a great job sustaining the attacks from various smartphone brands.

The One Plus One which is now available at 19,998 is also an viable option but with several complaints of the device software, which tentatively drains battery, is not a suitable option as of yet unless a much stable software is developed. The Honor 6 Plus is the next smartphone that huawei has stocked in it’s arsenal which seems to be once again, out performing. But this one falls under the 25k bracket.

Lenovo Vibe X2, Xiaomi Mi4, Zenfone 2 and the One Plus One are the competitors to the Huawei Honor 6, but looking at the way this device is performing, this seems to be a class apart and undoubtedly the sole winner. This device is only available on flipkart, to check this device out click on the following link.

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