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Smartphone Review : LG G2

– Shaneel Karia


  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Solid Bright Display
  • Way above average camera


  • Power button placement
  • No microSD slot

LG seems to have launched one hell of a whacker, the LG G2. This smartphone seems to be doing extremely well other than it’s Nexus series. LG has launched this smartphone to take down it’s competitors who have launched 5 inch smartphones which are more like phablets.



This LG Smartphone sports a unique design which has no physical button on the front side but you have 3 physical buttons on the rear just under the camera lens. Initially it may be difficult to get habituated to this, but once you form a habit of it you will be pretty satisfied with the positioning.

No power button on the side makes it a little difficult, so to counter that negative side, LG have added a double tap feature which acts as screen on button. For people with small hands the buttons on the rear side may find that a bit annoying.



The LG Smartphone sports a 5.2 inch 1080p display which has 424ppi(pixel per inch) density which means amazing projection to grasp each and every detail. Under heavy sunlight conditions too the device seems to be pretty visible, but the auto brightness seems to be of no use as it does not respond that well.

The viewing angles of the Full HD IPS 5.2 inch display of the G2 is good. GRAM (Graphic RAM), which temporarily caches the display keeping the GPU from calling the CPU and consuming battery plus heating it up.




This device has a 2.26GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor along with 2GB of RAM. 3,000mAh Li-Polymer battery which does an amazing job of increasing the life of the device. The device also supports NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality and is available in two versions mainly 8GB and 16GB.



13MP well just mentioning this resolution creates vivid imagination in to a tech geeks mind, just think of vivid images that this device is capable of capturing. The optical image stabilization kicks in an additional plus point along with the 9 point auto focus. Under low lighting conditions too this device does an extravagant job.

With numbers of modes to choose from, like the Night, sunset, Burst, Panorama etc. is just to further improvise on the image crispness and clarity.



This phone is definitely worthy and at the moment stands on the top 5 list of Best Smartphones as of today. With a price tag of around 31,500 Indian Rupees for 16GB and 40,500 for the 32 GB, this phone is a strong contender to Google Nexus 5 and the HTC One.


For 16 GB                                                                            For 32 GB

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