Moto G5 Plus – The most loved smartphone till date !

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The Motorola Flagship has once again trembled the smartphone arena with the beautiful Moto G5 Plus. I have personally been using this device for over a month and half now and it’s extremely difficult not to fall in love with it.




What’s Maniac??

  • Snapdragon 625 processor
  • 3,000 mAh Battery
  • 4G Dual sim connectivity + A memory Card slot

What’s not??

  • Screen to body ratio is on the lower side
  • Fingerprint sensor lockout every 72 hours
  • Protruding Camera Lens
  • Low on internal memory



The smartphone has sleek curved chassis which makes it easy to grip at certain angle and is slightly slippery if not held right. It has a chrome finish on the edges of the front side and well as the back side giving it a premium look. The finger print sensor is mounted on the front right at the center which is a sensor based on. You can used that sensor to go the home page as well as going back. Swipe Right to go back and left to open all open applications or vice versa, which ever way you comfortable.

On the right side you have the volume and the power buttons the top section houses the sim and microSD tray and the bottom section has the charging port and the 3.5 mm jack. On the back you have the Motorola logo impregnated at the center and right above that you have the protruded camera lens housing. This is extremely irritating as it will definitely attract scratches to the lens.


One of the best processors has been screwed into this device, Snapdragon 625 Processor with an option of 16GB Variant which has 3GB RAM and a 32 GB Variant which has 4GB of RAM. One of the attracting add one is the dual sim housing which also also allows you to use an added microSD to boost the memory capability to 128GB without having to get rid of the second sim.

The Android Nougat coupled with the 625 processor does wonders at maintaining the battery life, I manage to get at least a day and a half’s power from it’s mere 3,000 mAh battery with 4G data on throughout and a Screen On Time(SOT) of around 4 hours (which includes a hour of gaming) this life is with consideration of only 1 sim card mounted. If you are a moderate user you can definitely get 2 days batter back up.


The 5.2 inch Display is a Full HD one. Even though it’s only 5.2 inches it still sizes as large as a 5.5 inch one, this is because of the fingerprint sensor that has been mounted right in front. Extremely impressed with the brightness as it’s much more brighter and vivid under sunlight than the honor 6 which I also happen to own.


At first you might not like to camera and complain with it’s performance but mind you this has one of the camera’s you would find in this price segment. In case you ever have doubt bosst up the brightness to 100 percent and have a look and If you still doubt it transfer it to your PC, Laptop and enjoy the clarity. Though the honor 6x does manage to give it tough competition the device has an user friendly camera interface which can also be tweaked to professional mode just like the Nokia devices had.

The 12 MP camera mounted on the rear has a dual LED flash which when used with the Moto Actions will open up with double twisting of the device. At lower lighting conditions it does find it difficult to adapt and would require the flash to boot up but at moderate lighting conditions it performs perfect.


From personal experience with all the devices I have come across the Motorola G5 Plus is a game changer and would definitely commit to pleasing you. Competition wise I don’t see much from various brands Motorola itself has the Moto M which is a viable option and also the Huawei Honor 6X which boasts more on the camera.

Even though the Moto G5 has been taking a hit at it’s reputation with review by end users all over the internet, the G5 Plus on the other hand is doing wonders in the market

I have definitely fallen in love with this device. Have you ? If not click on the links below to grab one today, if you already own one please do care to share your review and feedback of the device by commenting below.


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