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Smartphone Review : Motorola Moto X

– Delwin John


  • 2GB RAM
  • High customizability


  • No memory card slot
  • Requires nano SIM
  • Decent Camera

Moto X

After its official release last August the Moto X is finally ready to hit the shores of India. Being the first smartphone after Motorola came under the stewardship of Google its release last year stirred up quite a buzz. Packed with a great list of features the phone didn’t fail to astonish. The phone also strives to give you a true android experience as its features instead of disrupting the core functionality of the Android OS only complements to its functioning.


A truly unique feature of the Motorola Moto X that absolutely cannot be overlooked is the Moto Maker which allows you to customize your phone as you please. On a software level the Moto Maker allows you to customize your phone’s interface as you see desirable thus giving you complete freedom to experiment different looks so as to give you the perfect feel.

Although the front panel is only available in black or white you can choose a back panel as per liking as the company offers 18 colour options with the back panel and also offering wooden back panels. Accessories are also available in a range of colours so as to match the phone.

Moto X ColorsThe phone build is effectively sturdy using Corning Gorilla glass at the front for the display with only a little space spent in the bezels. The buttons and USB slot maintain the same positions as most phones however a nano SIM slot has been provided on the left side.


The Moto X uses a 720p AMOLED screen with Corning Gorilla glass for a smooth display. Although the pixel density of 312 ppi is lower than rival flagship smartphones it still manages to provide a sharp look. Avoiding the 1080p display has reduced the display quality but has allowed the smartphone to achieve a better battery performance.


Featuring a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor alongside with a 2GB RAM allows the phone to handle heavy apps as well as the phone’s in built features quite well. The device also uses the Motorola X8 Processor that primarily focuses on tasks like touchless control and always listening gestures which work rather efficiently and also doesn’t take a huge toll on the battery.

Although no external memory card slot is provided it comes packed with either a 16 GB of 32 GB internal memory. The device houses a 2200mAh battery which although not so impressive manages to power the entire phone’s hardware and provide a good battery life as well.


Provided with a 10MP camera with LED flash the Motorola Moto X is capable of capturing pictures at 4320 x 2432 pixels and record videos at 1080p@30fps providing HD recording with stereo sound recording. This cannot compete with the competing flagship phones using 13MP it does provide good picture quality although nothing extraordinary. It uses a 2MP secondary camera which just about fulfills its purpose.



Battery and Camera are the two major let downs from this device. But considering overall performance this device is far more superior to it’s competitors, namely the Nexus 4, which fall in the same price range of 24k Indian Rupees.

Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is a bit pricey along with the Nexus 5, so if you have money to shell, these may be the options you may consider.


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