Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

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Samsung may have finally got their hands on a jackpot. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge seems to be an extremely well deigned smartphone and completely out of the box. Samsung yet again the leader to this unique piece of technology.

Note Edge


  • Unique Design
  • Better S pen


  • Limited apps on he edge
  • Expensive


Well this is where Samsung stands out once again, the Note Edge is chamfered off, but this chamfer houses an additional 160 bits of resolution which simplifies multi tasking. The phone is made of an aluminum chassis and coatd with a layer of magnesium which lighten the Samsung smartphone a bit. The rear panel is somewhat roughish not that it hurts but is far more grippier than expected.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge


The display has been separated into two sections. The 5.6 inch super AMOLED display and the chamfered edge. Samsung has done an extremely delightful job of separating the two. It is a quad HD screen with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. Being a super AMOLED it is bound to deliver extra ordinary colors with extreme brightness but colors do tend to over saturate.

Well a minor drawback that it’s only for the right handed, for the lefties they have come up with a solution but did not plan it through properly.You can rotate the screen with an annoying fact the the home button will be at the top plus the word Samsung well be inverted at the bottom. They could have come up with a better solution for this but anyways let’s have a look at what’s more in store from this device.


The hardware is similar to the Galaxy Note 4, Snapdragon 801 by Qualcomm with a staggering 2.7 GHz clocking speed. 3 Gigs of RAM sound to be more than sufficient, 32 Gigs of internal storage which can be extended additionally by 128 GB with the help of a external memory card. 3,000 mAh battery is a bit lower compared to the note 4 but it’s still a power pack, half an hour of charging and you back up to 50%.

Camera App Note Edge



Rear facing camera houses a 16 mega pixel lens while the front facing camera maybe a let down with 3.2 MP. The camera captures great photos even during low light conditions. And the front camera has a greater viewing angle.



This seems to be a giant leap from Samsung, and showcased it this time through their Galaxy Note Edge. Initially this may take time getting used with your hand unknowingly hovering around the edge, but once you habituated may tend to like this phone. Finding the right grip while capturing images also is a bit annoying but it’s all about getting used to it.

As mentioned there has been no change in Hardware specs, this is very much expected with the rate at which Samsung has been releasing smartphones the Processor companies are falling short of newer processors. The major drawback is to get your hands on to one of these you’ll have to cut your pockets deep. Expected price range 60,000 Indian Rupees that is if it ever gets to touch the Indian Soil.


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