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on October 26, 2015
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Recently was overwhelmed by the plans provided by reliance. Purchased their Wi-Pod series dongle with high hopes that would receive great download speeds.

The sales representative came over and tested the dongle on his device several times. For every speed test he received a speed of around. Falling prey to the speed dedicated by reliance, I made a move and ended up purchasing a new connection. 1299 Truly Unlimited plan is what I opted for, little did I know that I was making a huge mistake.

Service activation was real quick, the sales representative made sure that the connection was activated the very same day. The first 5 odd days I was pleased with the speed that I was getting. But then there was a flip side to it. Initially was receiving an average of 2MBps of speed not as fast as reliance claimed it to be (Upto 14.2MBps as per their promotions). I was just about to publish a good review for Reliance but then came the true colors of the Reliance Dongle. The device used to heat up hell lot which I found annoying. I started feeling the pinch, a speed of not even 512 Kbps was being delivered for a span of over 5 days.

Frustrated I raised my phone and called their call center, the representative told me to reset the device, which I did. Tried that out for few days and was still facing the same issue. Few days later called them up again, their representative said that they would send someone to resolve the issue within the next 3 days. 10 days no representative had come over, but everyday I received a message asking me to pay my bill. Received few calls as well asking me to pay up and when I mentioned that I am facing that issue, they used to check the details on their PC and then say “I will call you tomorrow with the resolution” and till this day (2 months) I have never received a call.

Then I called up the Reliance call center to ask them the procedure to deactivate their service. The representative then said will waive off your entire bill but please continue with our services, I thought lets give them another try. The entire month I faced the same issue, called up their team they said it’ll take another 90 days to resolve the issue, I requested the procedure to deactivate the connection, they once again requested to use their services and will waive off the entire bill for the next 3 months. 3 days later received the bill of 370 odd bucks.

Received a call from their billing department couple of days later, who rudely ordered me to pay the pending amount. I ended up talking back rudely asking them to learn how to talk, cut the phone, blocked that number and that very instant went to the store to deactivate the service. There they asked me to pay the coming months bill which I didn’t agree at all to pay, they asked me to call their service center and resolve the issue with them. Talked to them for 15 odd minutes and then realized its no point pumping up and getting angry at them. I cut the call, paid the amount which summed up to 1860 and confirmed both with the store manager as well as the call center, they said you won’t have to make any other payment and your service will be deactivated successfully. 5 Days later another call from the billing department from a different number asking me to pay up  pending sum of 60 Rupees.

Well guys this is how the so called “Best Indian service provider” operates. Full of crap with useless after sales service. Well before I conclude I would like to share another case which my friend faced. He was satisfied with the  broadband connection provided by Reliance so when he shifted 2 blocks away he requested for relocation, the sales representative said within 10 days a representative will come and complete the procedure, 20 days, no call received. So this time he tricked them and called for requesting a new connection, their sales representative visited their flat the very next day. Then told them that there was no connection of reliance passing through the building, so no service would be provided.

After deactivation I activated 3G on my airtel prepaid mobile connection. Way way faster than the truly unlimited plan from reliance. 300Kbps (2Mbps) is the download speed on 3G but the issue with airtel they amplify the data used which is pretty annoying (5Mb app consumes 8Mb). Well I hope I have clearly mentioned how great the services are provided by Reliance. Hope you make the right decision and not fall prey to this scam. Please do share your review on Reliance Communications, may it be good or bad, in the comment section below.

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