SoundMagic ES18S in-depth review

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A week back I purchased the SoundMagic ES18S Earphones, the ones with a microphone. This was because there was a buzz moving around that they extraordinary, but when I finally got my hands on one, it was not exactly what I expected. Let’s dive in to an in depth review and find out how exactly is this set of earphones?


  • Works on newer as well as older smartphones
  • Decent Audio quality



  • Gets Entangled easily


InBox Contents

  • SoundMagic ES18S In ear Earphones
  • SoundMagic pouch
  • Adapter for Computer
  • 2 additional size sets of ear buds
  • Warranty Card


The one I purchased is the red one, where the wire is dipped in red color while the ear buds are black with a shiny reddish maroonish tinge to it. To the left ear piece you have the rectangular microphone connected with the switch and the microphone on the same side.Moving a bit further down you have a splitter which separates the twin wired earphones. The splitter can be moved up to a certain point downwards after  which a locker restricts it’s movement further down. This is done so that the dual wire which are glued to each other do not separate out which would further cause entangling.

Right at the bottom you have a L shaped 3.5 mm Gold plated jack, which has a switch engraved on the projection, to help it adapt to the newer as well as older devices. Position A is for the newer devices which include iPhone,Blackberry, HTC, Samsung Galaxy Series and later models, while position B is for older device like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Xperia, Corby. You wouldn’t want to term it as older phones but yeah you can switch the button to a position where the earphones actually work.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is not something that will bedazzle you but yeah they provide sufficient bass. Especially considering the price bracket I purchased it for, it’s definitely a deal breaker. I own a Samsung Galaxy S2, while using it in position A the audio works perfectly fine, but if you switch it to position B you get a sound as if the the earphones which are not connected properly.

Even at higher volumes the ES18S will not shriek. The Bass and Treble levels are mixed in, but you always have the option of adjusting the output Equalizer through your phone’s settings or music player.



The quality of the pouch is also not that great, but the adapter provided, which splits the single 3.5 mm jack into two separate elements one for the microphone while the other for the earphones, is pretty useful for those who using a computer. This is once gain gold plated, but no diagram or indicator stating which goes in their respective ports. You will have to figure that through the color or bands around the 3.5 mm jacks.

Considering the price at which I purchased this set, it’s definitely worth the buy. There is this peculiar thing I noticed, this model, ES18S the ones with microphone is exclusively only available on flipkart, I have not seen it on any other e-commerce website, whereas the ES18, the standard model without the microphones is available on other sites. Flipkart had some offer through which I purchased this particular ear set for 611 Indian Rupees, but normally you will find this for 849 Rupees.


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