Worst decision ever, Buying a Xolo smartphone

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8 months back I purchased the Xolo Q1200 smartphone. At it’s release I was much excited expecting this would the best alternative to the Moto G 1st Gen (The 2nd gen was not yet out by then). As time passed I started facing issues with the battery, initially it was with the sudden battery guzzler which kept gulping in juice. As days passed the issue amplified making the smartphone a wired phone. This all had just happened after using the smartphone for 4 months.

Couple of days later I went to the service center with the complaint, assuming that the product I received was one out of the lot which was the defective one. They said they’ll fix the phone and it’ll take at least 2 weeks. That infuriated me a bit but as long I would get the product fixed and running I was happy. After several mails and calls to the service center Almost 3 and a half weeks later I get a call that Xolo has replaced the complete smartphone and would receive the smartphone a week later.

Filled with excitement I went and got the smartphone back home. All was fine for the next 4 months and the same issue arised. I could literally see a bulge in the battery, the bulge got the whole display panel to bend too. Once again I went back to the service center this time with a firm decision that I want a full refund. It is no point getting angry at the service center guys as they are just an agency doing their job. Getting angry0 over the toll free service center is also of no point, they are just a private call center representing the company.

The only way to escalate the issue is to mail them. Once again I was given a schedule of 2 weeks. 2 weeks later I get a call from their service center offering a replacement for the smartphone with the Xolo Q1010i. I had not surveyed about the phone at that instant, so I asked the guy to stay on the line while I check the specs. In the mean while he smartly weaving words trying to make me vomit the words ” I agree”. I once again asked him politely to wait till I check the specs, all he asked “Do you agree or not?” I said let me have a look at least, He replied “Don’t worry sir, you’ll get another call from the service center guys but first reply Do you agree or not?”. This is basically a tactic to forcefully get a yes out from you. Infuriated I replied I do not agree. The very next second he cut the phone.

All they do is try to drag you in and force you to say the words agree or yes. 5 mins later I surveyed what the phone specs were. The phone was a complete downgrade, plus I had paid around 14,000 Indian rupees for the phone and they were offering a smartphone worth 8,000. Almost a week has passed and I have yet not received a call or a mail from the company.

All in all I’d like to conclude that Xolo has an extremely bad after sales service and would not recommend you to purchase a smartphone from this brand. You should either buy a smartphone that has extreme positive reviews that too after 2 months of release or buy a phone from the much reputed brands.

Shaneel Karia

Founder at 3Deometry Innovations a 3D Printer Manufacturing firm. Loves Biking, collecting coins. A lil bit into sports and a Force India supporter in Formula One. Loves sharing uninfluenced reviews on products.