Xiaomi Mi Band Review, is this budget smartband worth it?

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This time I have the Fitness freak Xiaomi Mi Band review lined up for me. I’ve been using this device for over 3 month now and I am pretty happy with it’s performance.


Xiaomi Mi Band

The Xiaomi band is pretty sleek. You have a tiny little sensor which hardly a fingers length that does all the magic and counting. I am clueless on what basis the device counts the steps and sleep time but it seems to miscalculate quiet frequently. So moving on to the design, this sensor is mounted on to the band which made of pretty good quality. The Xiaomi Mi band is sleek and can be worn on either hands. Three LED’s used to signify how much of juice you left with and also blinks when an alarm is set.


Well this device has quiet a few trick up its sleeve. Firstly for all of you worried whether bluetooth will be continuously draining battery, there’s good news, for the health fitness feature the bluetooth does not be on 24*7. But if you would like to receive notifications about phone calls messages, etc that’s only when you will need the device to be on but that in turn will affect the charging cycle.

You  can track the number of steps you’ve walked through the day. It sums it all up on the walk, and kms run. You have the history of your performance and also get to set the target number of steps you’ve planned out for the week, so that you can compete with yourself.


As mentioned earlier if you tend to keep tracking your details daily and also use the mi band for notification purpose the device should last around 25-30 days, but if you use this to track details every 3-4 days then it should last 35-40 days comfortably on a single charge !!! Well that’s the power of it’s 41 mAh battery.

Setting the Xiaomi Mi Band up

To configure the Xiaomi band you first need to install the Mi app available on Google play store and only compatible with devices running on Android 4.4 and above and also on iOS7 and above.

Mi App

On the right bottom side you have the Profile tab.

Mi App

Further click on Add device to configure the mi-band.

Once this is done it’s a play in the park. You have several settings to play around and also change the metric system to which you accustomed to. Under the profile tab itself select the Settings tab and select unit to select your preferred measuring units.

If you used to the Google Fit app then this device is also compatible with the app. All you have to do if give appropriate permissions for the app to extract information from your mi band.

Additional Features

You have few additional features like smart unlock, it’s when you have set up a lock to your device and feel irritated to keep unlocking, the proximity of the mi band around your smartphone helps it unlock without you having to type the password again and again. The other additional feature that I loved is the alarm feature. The band can set up to 3 alarms, where when defined the band starts to vibrate 5 times. Pretty handy for those sleepy heads !


All in all this Xiamoi Band is pretty cheap as it does not track your heartbeat rate, well that’s what I am presuming. So if you happen to be a fitness freak and would love to keep track on how many calories you burnt and how many hours you’ve been busy sleeping this device is just the perfect fit. Well that’s our side of the story, do comment below and share your feedback/story on the Xiamoi Mi Band.

You could catch hold of one these on the official mi store and also on amazon if you like.


Xiaomi MI Band – fitness band

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